Blanton’s Single Barrel


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Blanton’s needs little introduction and we are offering the latest single barrel. Barrel #300 is bottled at 46.5%, it comes from a mashbill of corn, rye and malted barley.

Please Note that the wax on top of the Blanton’s bottlings can be prone to cracking and we find that boxes can have small creases in corners. 

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At Whisky Brokers Associate, as bourbon enthusiasts, you can find authentic, tasty whisky at minimal rates to make your celebration worth it. As a whisky lover, you can buy Blanton’s online original single barrel bourbon, explore our exclusive single barrel series, and discover the unparalleled quality of Blanton’s. For a unique experience, consider purchasing a barrel of Blanton’s. Take advantage of the chance to expand your whisky collection and buy a barrel of Blanton’s online. When you buy blanton barrel, you can feel that this has been fermented for a long time and has a deep, satisfying nose of nutmeg and spices.

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