Macallan Harmony Collection Intense Arabica


Intense Arabica is the second release from Macallan’s limited annual series, The Harmony Collection, and its first coffee-inspired single malt. The no-age-statement whisky was matured in sherry seasoned casks and bottled at 44% ABV. An intensely flavoured expression, with notes of espresso, dark chocolate and sweet oak. Each release in the collection also unveils a bespoke packaging that incorporates organic by-products and gives them new life.

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At Whisky Broker Associates, luxury meets refinement by delivering the natural sweetness and smokiness of Macallan Arabica. Here, you can discover the fabulous Macallan Harmony Collection, which includes outstanding varieties, including Macallan Rich Cacao, Macallan Intense Arabica, and Macallan Smooth Arabica. Enjoy the splendour of Macallan Harmony Fine Cacao, a symbol of flavorful riches. Discover our Macallan Collection’s ideal balance of smoothness and richness. Shop Macallan Harmony now and get the pinnacle of sophistication.